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Let’s start your IoT project for
digital mobility and climate protection!

PPP (private public partnership)
Installation of mobile sensors

Breakthrough Technology

  • Mobile & modular stationary sensors
  • Throughout the urban area = highest resolution
  • Local real time data
  • AI analyses
  • Scalable dashboard
  • Installation of the urban area in only 5 days

IoT sensor technology adaptable and modular

  • Simple Plug-and-Play-Installation
  • Installation & maintenance without prior knowledge
  • Add-on solutions for existing systems
  • Robust aluminum housing system
  • Expandable

Smart Traffic Monitoring

Real-time data

Dashboard monitoring of the system and data analysis

Anonymous detection of vehicles without storage of video data
On-Edge Recognition

Over-the-air updates

Simple remote adjustment
of camera– through PTZ

Simple Installation of the devices for monitoring at many locations  – Temporary Installations

Small memory footprint of recognition data

Real-time data analysis for efficient decision making
based on combined data:

Realtime traffic data

Realtime climate & air data 

Realtime weather data

Optimisation of public transport and mobility services

Streamlined logistics for the last mile

Digital data for climate protection plans and environmental protection

DEUS SmartAir
Self-calibrating real time measurement network for traffic measurements, climate, environment and weather

Become a pioneer of the digital mobility revolution: Reducing the harmful effects of traffic

With scalable, digital IoT sensor platforms we support small & medium-sized municipalities

Transport and climate data made easy: Communication support for citizen information

Improve your climate protection plans with real-time data from our self-calibrating measurement network

Localisation and analyses
of green zones
in the urban area

despite staff shortages and competing priorities

Cost-efficient, user-friendly, integration into existing IT & GIS platforms

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Marc Nodorft
Co-Founder and Managing Director 
+49 171 – 14 06 444
+49 3329 – 60 66 90

Ehsan Tavakoli
Head of Business Development

+49 172 – 83 87 097