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Marc Nodorft
Co-Founder and Managing Director 
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+49 3329 – 60 66 90


Ehsan Tavakoli
Head of Business Development
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  • Robust aluminum housing unit with lifetime of 30 years
  • Realtime, customizable dashboard
  • High selectivity and long-term stability measurement
  • Fast response time
  • Compact and self-contained design permitting
  • Continuous sensor status monitoring

Main applications

Leak Detection: portable instruments, static measurement stations, vehicle-mounted, underwater, refrigeration, toxic gases, …

Environmental & Climate Monitoring: Oil and Gas industry, landfill, biogas, livestock, underwater research

We facilitate OGMP2 compliance

By monitoring methane emissions in real-time
we enable you to develop effective reduction strategies and meet OGMP2 requirements.

Enhance your environmental performance and ensure regulatory compliance to avoid penalties

Access best practices and technologies to reduce methane emissions and mitigate climate change

Cost savings through improved efficiency


The IoT device we’ve developed for real-time emissions monitoring comes equipped with an intelligent and interactive Dashboard



Remote Calibration


Smart Notifications